say hi to Kai!

I’ll never forget our first time meeting this little man. Just minutes after his delivery, we tiptoed into the Labor & Delivery room bearing strings of “Congratulations!” balloons and a McDonald’s sweet tea (the chosen “celebratory drink” for new mommy Yanti)…and there he was.

So perfect, so cute and SO very aware of his surroundings – his eyes opened wide and my heart melted when our eyes met for the very first time.  I remember kissing one of his hands – which was still all wrinkly from inside his mommy’s tummy – but everything else was a blur in the L&D room that night…  After months of joyful anticipation (see baby shower & maternity pics here and here), all our excitement and happiness can surely be felt in the air that night!

His first name “Evan” was first suggested by 9-year-old cousin Nathaniel. But the final decision came when proud parents Wilson and Yanti found the meaning of the name to be: “God is Gracious”. His middle name “Kai” means “The Ocean” – and was initially chosen because it happens to be his daddy’s happiest place. But our pastor goes one step further in connecting the two by sharing that God’s grace is often likened with the ocean: it is a never-ending source! It’ll be a constant comfort and reminder for Kai that he is loved by the One whose grace and mercies never end :)

Without further ado, please join us and say “hi” to the adorable Mr. Evan Kai Darmajaya!

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