Up in the Air | Ventanas Wedding Photography

We met Tiffany and Michael at a bridal show last year and were instantly magnetized by their vibrant and colorful personality. Few weeks after that first encounter, a creative engagement session using 300 IKEA chairs featuring these two stars was born.

Their vision for the wedding was to celebrate at the heart of Atlanta with the city skyscrapers and lights as backdrops.  Nested on the 15th floor, the Ventanas was the perfect venue to achieve that up-in-the-air vision. We also had the opportunity to take breathtaking and crazy pictures on the helipad for the first time. Michael and his groomsmen are too familiar with PSY’s “Gangnam Style” so it was easy for us to figure out what the next scene would look like. We took our iPhone out, cranked the volume up, and laid it on the floor. Sure enough, the boys went all out and started riding their invisible horses as the chorus played.

The night full of dancing continued as Tiffany’s sorority started singing and dancing simultaneously to their ritual song. We then topped the night with everyone enjoying the beat to Internet sensation “Harlem Shake.”

Congratulations again Michael and Tiffany! It was truly a blessing to serve you on your big day. We wish you both a lifetime of happiness, excitement, and many children!