Crazy in Love | Atlanta Engagement Session

What happens when you have 300 IKEA chairs and a couple who are crazy in love? You get one out-of-this-world engagement session of Tiffany and Michael!

We were so thrilled when we heard about a sculpture made out of IKEA chairs, artistically formed into a sine wave shape. So when we pitched the idea to them, everybody, including us, was pumped. When we got there, we could barely stop clicking since we had an oh-that-might-be-cool-and-oh-this-might-be-cool syndrome. There was art in every angle we looked!

We then hopped over to the Little Five Points area where it is known for multitudes of graffiti and colored walls. Apparently the colors brought the “colorful” character of Tiffany and Michael as they did tons of fun and wacky expressions. Our next stop was the Glenn Hotel where we wanted to incorporate an editorial look of the lovebirds with the Atlanta skyline. Oh, and not to forget, their collegiate “capes” and fraternity/sorority icons: a pink mirror and a white cane.

The night ended with a shoot at the High Museum of Art, the Millennium Gate and the Georgian Terrace. From striking a pose with an antique white Dodge, to sitting under Atlanta’s “Arc de Triomphe”, then to dancing under the moonlight outside a boutique hotel, we had tons much fun and did not realize that it was nearly midnight!

Alright… time for our beauty sleep while you enjoy these pictures :)

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[…] magnetized by their vibrant and colorful personality. Few weeks after that first encounter, a creative engagement session using 300 IKEA chairs featuring these two stars was […]