You Are My Starshine pt.2 | Houston Engagement Session

After a very satisfactory first day in Austin, we got to experience Houston in its glory for the first time with Anthony and Anggraini. Since Houston is Tony’s “hood”, we let him led the way and ended up at Williams Waterwall – a very cool man-made fountain that feels like a luxurious treat for both eyes and soul :) While Tony looked impeccable in his tux, Nie was ravishing in her white dress. The beaded details on the back of the dress paired with her braided bun were amazing and the whole “look” just fits her perfectly!

Our next stop was the University of Houston. Tony is pursuing his PhD in Chemical Engineering and, as expected, spends lots of time at the lab. So when he revealed that he has free access to the lab (including fun stuff like dry ice, different shapes of flasks, white lab coats and food coloring to create different liquid colors!), we couldn’t contain our excitement. If on the first day we focused on Nie and her masterful piano skills, then it would only be fair that on the second day we capture Tony in his “element”, right? Although, we have to say that Nie also fits right in with her adorkable Hello Kitty specs :)

Lastly, we stopped by Galveston Beach to fly a beautiful butterfly kite, as another nod to their proposal, and yellow polka dot balloons that they released into the sky as the grand finale (Nie even had on a matching polka dot dress!). Tony and Nie, thank you for letting us be a part of your beautiful story. We love that you’ve given us full creative ownership while at the same time working closely and tirelessly with us to “dream up” these different concepts together. It was one fun journey, wasn’t it? And one that we hope will make you smile 30, 50, 100 years from now!

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[…] who were in a 2-year long distance relationship (hence the photo booth), clients who consist of a chemist and a pianist, clients who are die hard fans of Smallville and Superman (us too!), and many more. […]