You Are My Starshine pt.1 | Austin Engagement Session

We are always humbled and excited each time our client friends refer us to their friends, especially when it comes to destination sessions (aside from the fact that we LOVE traveling!) And this time it is no exception. We were introduced to Anthony and Anggraini and really hit it off since our first Skype chat as we found out we have a lot of mutual friends.

They pitched the idea of retelling the different facets of their love story in 2 cities in The Lone Star State of Texas. Tony currently lives in Houston as he is pursuing his PhD degree (go buddy!). Meanwhile, Nie lives 3 hours away in Austin and she is a piano maestro as well as an instructor.

We started our first day in Austin and went with the concept of real, hardcore, gung-ho Texas: cowboys. Cowboy hats! Cowboy boots! Cowboy belt buckles! Horses! Hay! Farm! Open field! Blue skyline! Stars! Stars! Stars! (please pardon our newfound obsession with stars :D)

We then found a spot under a tree to retell the story of how he proposed to her. Nie has a love for butterflies and so it is only logical for Tony to pop the question with one (or in this case, hundreds of them!) He took her to a butterfly conservatory museum and at just the right moment when all the butterflies surrounded them, he got on one knee. Pretty impressive eh?

Next is a stop at the Cathedral of Junk. Yes, junk. Vince, the owner, built a shrine of junk in his backyard since he loves to hoard and somehow was able to express the artistic side of him through that. From nintendo controllers to record vinyls, from grocery carts to rubber tires. Random, but it just works. We appreciate unique spots such as this, especially since it’s very much aligned with the infamous “Keep Austin Weird” slogan.

To top the night off, we had the privilege to shoot (and hear) Nie in action as she masterfully played the piano for Tony in a concert hall. It actually felt more like listening to a private concert rather than a photo shoot that we didn’t even realize it’s past midnight!

So without further ado, here are Mr. Tony and Ms. Nie!

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