When I Fall in Love | Marietta Wedding Photographer

We were introduced to Holly and Jim through none other than our wedding planner friend slash “work mom”, Donna of Confetti Events. Right off the bat we fell in love with this couple, particularly because of how radiant the chemistry is between them. Holly is one cheerful, sweet, and somewhat silly lady who always finds herself smiling every time she looks at Jim. On the other hand, Jim is one soft-hearted and charming gentleman who is just plain crazy about Holly.

Their wedding turned out to be a very intimate and emotional moment. First, we have Holly’s vintage engagement ring that holds a special memory since it was her grandma’s. Then, we have a very unique “first touch” moment where Jim and Holly had their backs against each other separated by a door (so they can’t actually see each other) as they held hands before the ceremony started.  During the reception, we have Holly’s sister reading a thoughtful and, at the same time, playful poem to humor the audience and congratulate the happy couple. Next, comes the dancing of the young (Holly’s 8-year-old niece doing the two-finger John Travolta dance) and of the young-at-heart (Holly’s grandma cruising through the dance floor and shake it like she just “don’t care”). The night was topped off with everyone dancing the Pittsburgh Steeler Polka while twirling the personalized “Terrible Towels” in the air, a wholesome tribute to their fave football team! Although our absolute favorite moment is at the end of the night where Holly’s uncle surprised her with a limousine to send her and her hubby off to their honeymoon. The emotions just went on and on and on…

So let’s raise our glasses to Jim and Holly and the new journey they are about to embark together. We could not think of two people more suited for each other than both of you. Congratulations!