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ENMUSE is a noun. It’s that first glance in high school and the butterflies in your stomach are telling you she’s the one. It’s the rainy night when he got down on one knee and popped the question. It’s the very second under the sun when you both say ” I do.” It’s when your little boy walked or talked for the first time. It’s that picture-perfect family portrait you always keep in your pocket. It’s that scholastic achievement that empowers you to dream big and create a better world.

ENMUSE is a verb. To be quickened to do something you’ve never attempted before. To communicate signs and messages and influence good to people. To find creativity and joy in the least expected places. To animate hidden characters and bring excitement from the inside out. To be graciously infused with new thoughts, feelings and experiences. To simply be inspired by something or someone at any given time or space.

As for us, we are inspired by you.

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“They were wonderful to work with! At times photo sessions can be too staged and uncomfortable and they really allowed us to be relaxed and enjoy the moment. The photos show their amazing work and how they capture the perfect moments! We could not have been more pleased with our engagement photos and highly recommend this team!”

Elizabeth + Taylor

“Working with Avina and Edwin was pure joy! From climbing trees to riding golf carts and every frame in between, their creative & unique perspective made our pictures turn out beyond our expectations. What a phenomenal experience! I’m already thinking of other opportunities to use {enmuse}.”

Nicol + Andrew

“We are simply amazed at how gorgeous the wedding pictures turned out and cannot thank ENMUSE enough for their unique creativity in capturing every detail of the biggest day of our lives. From beginning to end, Edwin and Avina were a joy to work with. They took time out to meet with us on several occasions throughout the wedding planning process to discuss our expectations. They also took it upon themselves to scope out our ceremony and reception venues inside and out beforehand to familiarize themselves with the locations. They not only met but exceeded our expectations in every way. THANK YOU, ENMUSE!”

“What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything. “ – Siskind.

Stephanie + Jim

“I don’t think there exists another business entity that has the combination of a high quality product, excellent customer service, professional execution, and great prices like ENMUSE Photography. From day one, the planning has been impeccable which made the photo shoots smooth. The attitudes of both photographers were always positive, creative, and professional even when my wife and I didn’t know what we wanted or how to execute it. Even though we ordered the longest photo shoot ever, our photographers attitudes were about creating a masterpiece, which they did! I can, without a doubt, say these are the best photographers without seeing the rest. My wife and I are currently looking for excuses to have them take our pictures because they are just that good! I rarely write reviews for anyone but if you read this and you look at their work and still go somewhere else either your pictures will not look as good, the photographer will not be as professional, you may not get what you asked for in the planning, or the prices will be super high! Trust me my wife and I went to 8 bridal shows (yes, I went with her). None compare!”

Tiffany + Michael

“Even if you don’t live in Georgia, your money will be well spent to fly Edwin and Avina for your special occasion. That’s what we did, and their services exceeded our expectations.

ENMUSE Photography was recommended to us, and after seeing their work we knew they would be the best choice for our engagement and wedding photos. Before we flew down to Georgia for our engagement photo shoot, they spent much time talking to us over video chat and finding the right locations to match our personalities, tastes, and desires. We decided to fly them up to Michigan for our wedding photos and they went out of their way to survey and find the perfect locations before the wedding. We were very pleased when we saw their photos! They were flexible, professional, and a very fun couple to work with. We highly recommend them. Look no further. Thanks Edwin and Avina for your great work!”

Katherine + Nestor

“My wife and I could not have made a better choice or be more impressed. They gave us more than we could ever ask for. With such a once in a lifetime event (at least for us) you only get one chance to deliver. This team was up close and personal as if they were doing this for their own wedding. The images and angles of the pictures were so impressive that you would’ve thought we posed for each and every shot! Their creativity is unmatched! I would highly recommend this duo! Thanks again Edwin and Avina- we are EXTREMELY happy with our pictures!”

Evalye + Nathan

“Nothing beats being photographed by your own good friends, especially when they are creative & talented photographers like Edwin and Vina. They are indeed really creative and fun, and we really enjoyed our session with them. They went above and beyond for our pre-wedding pictures, even when it was below freezing in Chicago at that time. Despite the cold weather, Enmuse can put their flare of fun to each picture. They were able to capture our moments, as well as our love to Chicago city. Truly blessed to have you guys, thank you E & Na!”

Stephanie + Riadi


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[…] themed shoot and the creative couple behind it, Meri & Iwan. I’ll let Avina from ENMUSE share the details on the couple & the […]

Korleigh Ivie07.21.14 - 3.15 PM

If I could sum up Enmuse Photography in one word it would be, “perfection”. I work with photographers regularly in my profession, so I knew finding the perfect Photographer for my wedding was going to be a challenge. I was impressed with Enmuse’s work on their website so I decided to meet with them. Shortly after sitting down with Edwin and Avina, I knew they were a perfect! I knew I needed at least 2 photographers for my wedding day, and the fact they were a husband and wife duo was a huge plus! Wedding Photography is so intimate and personal, and it makes so much since for the cameras to be in love with each other as Edwin and Avina are. My expectations were set ridiculously high, and every single one was exceeded. The photography on our wedding day was very smooth and comfortable. I was very big on having mostly candid shots, which they perfectly delivered, but also loved the posed shots they took as well. Everything was flawless, and as far as talent is concerned, I think the photos speak for themselves!
Thank you so much Edwin & Avina for capturing our day so beautifully, we truly couldn’t be happier!

Korleigh + Blake