The First Year | Morgan Falls Park Photographer

Main ingredients:
* 60 cups of red velvet cupcakes
* 60 Cheerios sheep sweets
* 40 apple caramel stick
* 40 cups of strawberry tart
* 24 bottles of fresh milk
* 24 bottles of coca cola
* 30 sticks of chocolate popsicles
* 1 whole chicken-and-cow fondant cake
* 2 hay stacks
* 50 plaid shirts
* 2 cowboy hats
* 1 beautiful spring weather
* 1 park by the river
* 1 excited dad
* 1 talented mom
* 1 extremely happy kid!

Spring is finally here! After several weeks of bipolar weather (alternating between winter and spring every other day), we couldn’t ask for a better day for baby Gabriel’s smashing 1st birthday party at the Morgan Falls Park.

By the way, when your mom is an insanely talented and creative artist (check out her delicious work at, THIS is the kind of birthday party you get, y’all :) With “Barn Animals” theme in mind, she whipped up alllllll kinds of cute little details that will make you go “awwwwww!!!”

Fast forward a few years from now, we’re sure that these photos will bring a huge smile to baby Gabriel’s face (by then no longer a “baby”). But until then, welcome to toddlerhood, baby!