Suit & Tie : Ventanas Wedding Photographer

Remy and Lamont’s engagement session was the embodiment of high fashion, style and urban feel. So when it comes to planning their wedding, the couple stayed true to their vision and this “suit & tie”-esque wedding was born. The groom suited up in a classic white tux and black pants (think Jay-Z) while the groomsmen were wrapped in slick black tuxes. The bride looked angelic in her white dress and old Hollywood style veil while the bridesmaids were astonishing in various black dresses with elegant white hydrangea bouquets.

To amplify their vision, Remy and Lamont picked the perfect spot tucked in the middle of downtown Atlanta, The Ventanas. With high ceiling windows, we were completely surrounded by architectural structures and city lights as dusk fell to night. Last but not least, the happy couple was chauffeured in a vintage white Bentley as they make their way towards their honeymoon in St. Lucia.

So let’s pick up a glass and enjoy the show!

Wedding planner: Jan from La Fete Weddings and Events

Wedding Photo of the Week- Remy and Lamont at Ventanas!! - Atlanta Wedding04.19.13 - 7.50 AM

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Jeanette Owens04.16.14 - 5.58 PM

all I can say “Nice”