Sonata d’Amore | Marietta Country Club Wedding Photographer

The thing about finding The One… is that you could never know (or plan) where, when and how it would happen. Or WHO would do the honor of introducing the two of you. The “waiting/searching period” can get somewhat confusing, what with “weeding out” the frogs while at the same time keeping an eye out for the prince. It’s definitely tricky, no joke about it.

But once in a while, right in the middle of our busyness (and confusion and frustration), Love gives us a fairy tale :)

And a fairy tale it is for Ivana and Larry! The two of them were introduced by none other than Ivana’s little brother, Sen. Her brother said that it was never his intention to set the two up (though he did say that he is very happy to welcome such “a good man” into the family). What started with an innocent White Water rafting with friends ended up with a beautiful 3-years of dating leading up to their marriage.

Ivana is a beautiful and cheerful piano teacher. Larry is a handsome and charismatic engineer. They may be different, but they are so good together! Congratulations, Larry and Ivana for finding “The One”!