Rocketeer | Atlanta Engagement Photographer

Let us begin by saying that this session holds a special place in our hearts :)

Because, just like us, Maria and Sonny are big fans of Superman and his alter-ego Clark Kent. And naturally, all four of us also bonded over a shared (okay, geeky…) obsession with the relationship between the Man of Steel and the love of his life Lois Lane.

For those reasons, there was no question that their engagement session would have to pay a “subtle” tribute to Lois & Clark. Someway somehow, we found everything we needed to execute on the plan, including the most perfect Smallville-like barn (in RED and white!), a building so futuristic it could pass as Lex Luthor’s Metropolis office, another building that screams out “Daily Planet”, the black-rimmed spectacles, a red “cape” and, of course,  a good ol’ Superman t-shirt for Sonny to wear underneath his shirt.

All “Superman” fun stuff aside, though, we love the fact that Maria and Sonny are focusing on the right things as a couple. While wedding planning is fun, Maria said that they are much more excited about the marriage itself. And we could not agree more – wedding festivities last for only one day (in most cultures, anyway),  but getting married to and spending the rest of our lives with our real-life superhero? Who lets us be our silly selves and yet loves us anyway? Who truly believes in us and makes us feel like we can do anything? Yes, even flying? Now THAT’s something to be ECSTATIC about!

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