Rain or Shine : Hyatt Atlanta Perimeter at Villa Christina Wedding Photography

Rain greeted us the morning of Torii and Mike’s wedding. While it was a bit disappointing to have to move their outdoor ceremony set-up indoor, we are strong believers that rain on your wedding day is actually a wonderful sign of good things to come. Many cultures believe that rain on your wedding day symbolizes a new beginning and is considered a “good luck”. Even in the Bible, rain usually speaks of blessings and provisions.

We experienced this to be true for Torii and Mike’s wedding as well.

As photographers, our main concern was searching for “Plan B” for our couple photo location. Based on what we knew about their wedding venue, Villa Christina, the typical focal points for photos are their outdoor gazebo and garden.

Call it magic, call it true, but we miraculously learned that morning that the Hyatt Atlanta Perimeter at Villa Christina – which is a brand new property connected to the original Villa Christina – was opening the following Monday. Their management let us take Torii and Mike’s photos there…and we were blown away by its understated elegance and luxurious design. Not only that, but apparently Villa Christina itself had been majorly renovated and redecorated. So, not only did Torii and Mike got to get married in a fresh, newly redecorated venue, but they also became the first ever couple to take photos at the breathtaking new hotel! Couldn’t have planned it better ourselves ;)

As the day went on, we continued to be blown away by the way Mike looked at Torii (and vice versa)…it was as if they just won the biggest lottery one could ever win! One thing for sure, their kind of love will surely weather any seasons of life…rain or shine!

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Joy DirtyBird Salomon07.11.14 - 12.51 AM

The pictures are so pretty. Congrats again Mike and Torii Wright

Fonya Webb-Proctor11.12.14 - 3.25 PM

Loving it!!!!

Zulaine Govin01.30.15 - 5.39 PM

Stunning! I am looking at using Enmuse for our wedding! Beautiful wedding!!