Polkadots, Pearls & Pink Tutus : Chicago Photographer

Welcome to the sweet world of little miss Ally, filled with polkadots, pearls and pink tutus. Not to mention chic coats, subtle animal prints and bows in all sizes! Ally may not have graduated from her toddler years, but man oh man does this cutie pie’s got STYLE!

Of course, an apple doesn’t fall far from its tree :) Ally’s mom Via and daddy Nico always look chic even from the early college days when we first met. It was so much fun visiting them in their Chicago house years later and witnessing firsthand their new season of life, which now includes a beautiful and cheerful princess! Once Ally was fast asleep, though, the four of us got to hang in the basement revisiting our old college days by jammin’ to our favorite 90’s songs (What can we say? 90’s music is the best! Ha).

From their comfy home, to the nearby neighborhood park, to the majestic Chicago downtown along with its quaint and fancy cafe… we hope this photoshoot captures the sweet life of this precious family and the joy that Ally brings everywhere she goes!

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