Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Excerpted from the one and only Dr. Seuss: Today is your day. You’re off to Great Places! You’re off and

Find it in Everything : Atlanta Fall Colors Engagement Session

The air was crisp, the sky was clear and the golden sun was at its most beautiful. It was indeed one fine Autumn day

Charm and Sensibility | Lake Lanier Wedding Photography

Meet Ursula, the sensible lady from the South who fell madly in love with Shomari, the charming lad from Chicago. When

5-Star Marriage : Roswell Wedding Photography

If there is one word to describe Korleigh and Blake’s wedding, it’s this: “joy”. You could feel it in the air,

Sparks Fly : Biltmore Engagement Photography

Gil has been a friend (and, at some point, even a roommate!) for many years for the two of us. We went through the ups

Unspeakable Joy : Midtown Engagement Photography

The first time we laid eyes on Judith and Tommy was on the dance floor of Nehal and Dhruv’s wedding. As we began

Walking on Sunshine

The Muntz family never fails to bring sunshine to our day every time we see them. Beautiful, sweet and full of charm

Love in the City | Atlanta Skyview Ferris Wheel Engagement

The Peach City recently had a new facelift: The Skyview. The ferris wheel was installed a few weeks ago and now stands

Sonata d’Amore | Marietta Country Club Wedding Photographer

The thing about finding The One… is that you could never know (or plan) where, when and how it would happen. Or

Summertime | Cotton Mill Engagement Session

Summertime in Atlanta is usually not so friendly, scorching heat and humidity and all. This year, however, is somewhat

Lois and Clark | Little Gardens Wedding Photography

With “Man of Steel” hitting theaters next week, we want to go on record by saying that Clark Kent & Lois Lane is

Be in the Moment : Annapolis Wedding Photography

“Wherever you are, be all there.” – Jim Elliot Weddings are usually very grand; whether the exotic

Mr. & Ms. Happy | Virginia Highlands Engagement

We were there in the beginning when rumor has it that our friend Monica is seeing somebody all the way from Texas (we

The First Year | Morgan Falls Park Photographer

Main ingredients: * 60 cups of red velvet cupcakes * 60 Cheerios sheep sweets * 40 apple caramel stick * 40 cups of

Up in the Air | Ventanas Wedding Photography

We met Tiffany and Michael at a bridal show last year and were instantly magnetized by their vibrant and colorful