Walking on Sunshine

The Muntz family never fails to bring sunshine to our day every time we see them. Beautiful, sweet and full of charm

Love in the City | Atlanta Skyview Ferris Wheel Engagement

The Peach City recently had a new facelift: The Skyview. The ferris wheel was installed a few weeks ago and now stands

Sonata d’Amore | Marietta Country Club Wedding Photographer

The thing about finding The One… is that you could never know (or plan) where, when and how it would happen. Or

Summertime | Cotton Mill Engagement Session

Summertime in Atlanta is usually not so friendly, scorching heat and humidity and all. This year, however, is somewhat

Lois and Clark | Little Gardens Wedding Photography

With “Man of Steel” hitting theaters next week, we want to go on record by saying that Clark Kent & Lois Lane is

Be in the Moment : Annapolis Wedding Photography

“Wherever you are, be all there.” – Jim Elliot Weddings are usually very grand; whether the exotic

Mr. & Ms. Happy | Virginia Highlands Engagement

We were there in the beginning when rumor has it that our friend Monica is seeing somebody all the way from Texas (we

The First Year | Morgan Falls Park Photographer

Main ingredients: * 60 cups of red velvet cupcakes * 60 Cheerios sheep sweets * 40 apple caramel stick * 40 cups of

Up in the Air | Ventanas Wedding Photography

We met Tiffany and Michael at a bridal show last year and were instantly magnetized by their vibrant and colorful

My Heart’s Melody | Midtown Engagement Photography

One of the gazillion reasons why we love our job is the opportunity to meet new people. That enjoyment is reflected in

Live Love Laugh | Athens Engagement Photography

The number one thing we always ask our clients when consulting for their engagement session is, “what story do you

A Day in the Life of a Little Mister

5.59 AM: My alarm is set exactly for 5.59 AM, so I can hit  “snooze” a couple more times and still leave

Bailamos | Venezuelan Wedding Photography

Here we are sitting on the couch, watching Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest.  It’s so

Teenage Dream | Foxhall Wedding Photographer

Each and every wedding holds a special place in our hearts, but Candice and Ryle’s took a bigger space because

When I Fall in Love | Marietta Wedding Photographer

We were introduced to Holly and Jim through none other than our wedding planner friend slash “work mom”, Donna of