Quiet Waters : Canoe Engagement Session

There is nothing like enjoying a beautiful Saturday exploring new nature trails with new friends in your own city.

Beloved : Sonoma Wedding Photography

“We love because He first loved us…” – 1 John 4:19 One major reason that draws us to the

The Consultant & The Engineer : Athens Wedding Photography

Anyone who knows Jane would agree that while she is petite in size, she’s got an XL personality, a super-sized

The Gift : Atlanta Maternity Photography

Dear Baby Christopher, Hey lil’ dude! You may not know us yet, but we’ve heard sooo much about you already.

You Are My Greatest Adventure : Great Oaks Wedding Photography

I recently came across a funny video about dating before and after marriage. In the early stages of dating, guys usually

Royal : Atlanta Coptic Orthodox Wedding Photography

Earlier this year, the goal that we set for ourselves was to shoot more eclectic weddings. Though weddings have the same

A Sunday Kind of Love : Cator Woolford Engagement

“I want a Sunday kind of love A love to last past Saturday night And I’d like to know It’s more than love at

Empire State of Mind: Peachtree Club Wedding Photography

Rosie and Jeshua got the wedding venue of their dreams: an elegant high-rise in the heart of the city of Atlanta. A

Eat, Pray, Love pt.2 : Marriott Marquis Wedding Photography

Dear our forefathers (or whoever started the 1-day wedding tradition), we have one very important question to ask you:

Priceless : Parador Houston Wedding Photography

Recently we heard a message from our pastor about happiness and basically what makes you happy. One of the key

Eat, Pray, Love pt.1 : Indian Wedding Photography

When it comes down to it, weddings can truly be summed up in three simple words: Eat. Pray. Love. Nehal and Dhruv’

Marrying Your Best Friend : Cator Woolford Engagement Session

In my younger years, my naive self thought that the only way to fall in love was to fall “at first sight”.

Soulmates : Washington, D.C. Engagement Session

“Couples who play together stay together”. When Erwin and Dian told us that they dedicated a couple of days

The Mr., The Mrs., and Boss : Roswell Engagement Photography

Woof there! My name is Boss Padfoot Hale. My wonderful owners, or as I like to call persons, have an interesting story

Irresistible : Cobb Galleria Wedding Photography

Judith has had her eyes on Tommy ever since they first met… when she was just a 10-year-old little girl. We never