A Thousand Years : Little River Farms Wedding Photography

“And all along I believed I would find you Time has brought your heart to me I have loved you for a thousand years

You, Me, Forever : Wyndham Peachtree City Wedding Photography

It all started with their shared love for soccer. She’s a “Killa” on the field… and we heard he

Cheek to Cheek : The Gardens at Great Oaks Wedding Photography

Audrey Hepburn in “Roman Holiday.” Frank Sinatra dancing “Cheek to Cheek.” Tunes like “Fly

Something Beautiful : Southern Wedding Photography

We finally found our “why” – the reasons our hearts explode with joy every time we think or talk about

An Ode to Las Vegas : Bellagio & Venetian Wedding Photography

We fell in love with Las Vegas. At first, slowly…then all at once. Here’s a city that has the power to elevate all

My Muse : Historic Roswell Wedding Photography

So often we get asked: “How or why did you name your business ENMUSE?” We always light up and get excited preparing

His & Hers II : Atlanta South Asian Wedding Photography

He was READY. Months of preparation led to this very important moment. The First Look. “Here she comes,” we

His & Hers I : Atlanta BAPS & Gwinnett Historic Courthouse Wedding

She was HAPPY. Radiant in pink and orange saree. The sun rose right at 7.30 AM, as if on cue. It started slowly,

Style : Las Vegas Engagement Photography

Not even the glam and glitz of Las Vegas could dim Malik and Mehwish’s shine. There we were surrounded by world-

One Fine Day : San Francisco Engagement Photography

San Francisco, December 2015: It was two days before Christmas. The City was bustling with last-minute Christmas

Photographs : Cacao & Ventanas Engagement Photography

That sweet, but swift season between the proposal and the wedding is a moment worth savoring. And what better way to

Golden Hour : Atlanta Engagement Photography

“The golden hour. That magic time when a fleeting light casts a spell on everything it touches… as if lit

Countryside : Chukkar Farm Engagement Photography

This year marks the third year living in our current house in Alpharetta. We’ve always known that this area is

Eat, Drink, and Be Married : Bentwater Yacht & Country Club Wedding Photography

Happy Valentine’s Day to you lovebirds everywhere! As we are blogging this beautiful wedding, we are also

#relationshipgoal : Ashton Gardens Wedding Photography

Thank goodness for hashtags. Otherwise, how else would we express feelings in a concise way AND in a way that is