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These photos were taken a mere few days after he popped “The Question” and she said “Yes”. It’s so fun listening to stories of newly engaged couples and sharing their excitement in building a new life together. And this couple makes it extra fun for us as they want to translate those stories into pictures.

Hery is a tech whiz living in Austin, Texas. Yvone is a much-loved teacher at an international school in Jakarta, Indonesia. They were introduced by a mutual friend and have been together ever since…albeit the very long distance between them (>10,000 miles!).

We found two distinct phone booths around Atlanta to pay an homage to their “long-distance” days. Then we got a special permission to shoot at IKEA with the two starring as newlyweds adjusting to their new home life. Just for fun, we headed to Georgia Tech next for a quick “classroom” scene where we drew from their naughty and playful sides. Yvone perfectly enacted her role as a feisty teacher and Hery also did a superb job playing the role of her disobedient student (BEWARE of spanking scene!).

Finally, we ended the night by enjoying the sparkling Atlanta skyline from a rooftop. Yvone and Hery, it’s awesome to see that He has, indeed, made everything beautiful in its time. Thanks for blessing us with your story and letting us help keep your memories alive!

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