My Heart’s Melody | Midtown Engagement Photography

One of the gazillion reasons why we love our job is the opportunity to meet new people. That enjoyment is reflected in what our clients say – that their engagement shoot feels more like a hangout rather than a formal intense photo shoot. Nestor and Katherine’s session is a fine example of that enjoyment. The couple was invited to fly out of Michigan to Atlanta to host a concert (too cool!). Nestor is a very talented musician and capable vocalist. He is also doing the Lord’s work by serving as a pastor at his church. Katherine works in the beverage industry and is also Nestor’s backup vocal. She is also a fellow high school alum and, along with her brother and sister, was in the volleyball team as I was.

To accentuate the musician inside of them, it is only logical we frame this session around that idea. We managed to book a hall inside the Georgian Terrace hotel to give that elegant look of a concert hall. With an added touch of a grand piano, the stage is set! As soon as Nestor laid his fingers on the piano, he started playing and singing Steven Curtis Chapman’s “I Will Be Here”. Then, in an instant, Katherine joined him by the piano and began singing the chorus. It was heavenly! We felt like we were being serenaded by professional artists in such an intimate concert setting.

Nestor and Katherine, congratulations on this most exciting chapter of your lives! We simply look forward to serving you again at your wedding!