Mr. & Ms. Happy | Virginia Highlands Engagement

We were there in the beginning when rumor has it that our friend Monica is seeing somebody all the way from Texas (we live in Atlanta). With the help of cyber world, they crossed paths via Facebook and one thing led to another. So when Lianford made his debut appearance in A-town, everyone in our church was all psyched up, including us! Right off the bat, he had a very good first impression: kind, caring, and sweet. No wonder Monica (and everyone else) fell in love with him.

As a starter, their unique story revolves around sipping coffee at cafes and enjoying dessert. To portray that vision, we found a cute chocolate café in Virginia Highlands, Cacao. The place was filled with sweets that please the taste buds and eyes as the décor was inspired by stylish French neighborhood cafés. Next on the menu is the frequent flight the couple makes between Texas and Georgia. So we paid a tribute by shooting at Atlanta’s newest international airport decorated with neon lights, curvy architecture, and airport ambience. Then, to top the night off, we captured the beauty of Atlanta city lights featuring the happy, soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs.

Congratulations again Monica & Lianford!

And now a story of boy meets girl :)