Marigold pt.2 : Renaissance Waverly Wedding Photography

Exquisitely beautiful. Vibrant in every sense of the word. Rich in meaning and in purpose. Marigolds might be petite in size compared to other flowers, but she holds a larger-than-life significance and certainly lights up any room she’s in!

For centuries, Marigolds have graced countless weddings and religious ceremonies with that signature saffron-orange-and-yellow combo that is sure to cheer every heart. She symbolizes passion, love, creativity, and new beginnings in many cultures. In Indian culture specifically, the flowers are often weaved together into garlands and offered to their gods as a sign of honor and respect.

Therefore, it seems appropriate that we first learned about Marigolds from our beautiful bride Prathna – who also lights up any room she’s in with her vibrant personality and those gorgeous doe eyes!

She loves Marigolds so much she flew in some from India. In the hands of Master Decorator Shushil Patel, the Marigold garlands added the perfect amount of festivities and elegance to the beautiful Mandaap. Congratulations Prathna and Kaustubh and may your marriage continues to be filled with light and love!

Wedding Planner: Zahra Ajani of Fusion Event Planning

Decor : Shushil Patel of Utopian Events

Videographer : Kevin Hursh of Kevin Hursh Films, LLC

DJ : Prime DJs

Makeup : Rachael Hoch

Hair : Elmira