The Magic of New Beginnings : Georgian Terrace Korean Wedding Photography

“And suddenly you know: It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings” – Meister Eckhart

All weddings – no matter the size or venue or time of year – feel so magical to us. It’s always in the air: The pure sense of joy. The scent of a fresh start. The taste of a new season.

For the Bride and Groom, a wedding signifies a chance to let go of their individual pasts and dream a new dream together: What do they want their lives to look like in 50 years? How many children (if any) do they want? What countries do they want to visit together? The possibilities are endless – and that realization alone feeds the energy and excitement of the day.

Kathy and Andy’s wedding day felt even more exciting because it started with a traditional, family-only Korean ceremony. They wore gorgeous hanbok made of silk and bow to their parents and family members as a way to thank and honor them. The parents and family members, in turn, bless the couple with prayers and hopes for their future. There was also an entertaining game of “Catch the Chestnuts” to predict how many daughters and sons the couple will have (apparently a LOT in Kathy and Andy’s case – enough to build a basketball team!) We love it when Brides and Grooms choose to honor not only their families, but also their heritage and culture, on their most special day.

Kathy and Andy – thank you so much for including us in your beautiful story. Here’s to a magical start of your new life together!