Love in the City | Atlanta Skyview Ferris Wheel Engagement

The Peach City recently had a new facelift: The Skyview. The ferris wheel was installed a few weeks ago and now stands majestic in the midst of busy Centennial Park where people go for leisure. We could not resist but use this new landmark as the backdrop for Ursula and Shomari’s engagement session, sprinkled with the dancing neon light and water at night.

Another one of Atlanta’s famous landmarks is the Fox Theater. The eclectic piece of architecture is decorated with a blend of Persian and and Egyptian influences that the eyes can appreciate and enjoy. The whole time we were there, we felt like we were transported to a different world.

And that, too, is how we felt when we met this happy couple. Their adoration and respect for each other transported us to their beautiful love story. There is no other perfect match better suited for these two. Congratulations!