Lois and Clark | Little Gardens Wedding Photography

With “Man of Steel” hitting theaters next week, we want to go on record by saying that Clark Kent & Lois Lane is #1 on our list of “Hottest Super Couples”. Forget Spiderman & Mary Jane (though they could win the “Best Kiss” category). Or even Iron Man & Pepper Potts (too much bantering!). Plus, no other couple could pull off the “nerd-chic” look as good as them :)

As proven by their e-session, Maria and Sonny also share our Lois & Clark obsession. This shared obsession ended up being incorporated through little “hints” and details sprinkled throughout the wedding: from their cartoon-y Lois & Clark cake topper to their choice of wedding colors. Not to mention the Superman soundtrack played by the DJ during their cake cutting segment!

Photographing this beautiful couple with their family and friends did not feel like work to us. We were treated by fun surprises one after another. When we were photographing the groom and his groomsmen aka The Justice League, they simultaneously unbutton their shirts…revealing various Superhero t-shirts underneath (from Green Lantern, The Flash, Batman… to Wonder Woman!). Then, after a short slow dance, Maria and Sonny broke out some pretty awesome moves that drew lots of giggles from the delighted audience.

To the gorgeous couple, thank you for letting us be a part of your big day. And we can’t wait to see “Man of Steel” together :)