Little Wonders | Atlanta Children Photographer

It all started with a random giggle while baby Kai is fast asleep, perhaps while playing with angels as people say :) When he first smiled, his mommy and daddy (along with the rest of us!) just melted and couldn’t help but beamed with pride! Soon, the lively giggle came as we started tickling and playing peek-a-boo with him…and, if we’re lucky, he would even roar in laughter!

Kai seemed to grow exponentially one way or the other each time we see him. From his first “high-five” to the first time he pulled himself up to a stand, watching him grow from a tiny newborn until now has been nothing short of wonderful :)

Here is Kai chillaxin’ with his favorite Teddy, cruisin’ in his brand new “Trav-Ler” Radio Flyer wagon, showing off his “nerdy” side… and splashing around with the cutest grin on his face!