A Day in the Life of a Little Mister

5.59 AM: My alarm is set exactly for 5.59 AM, so I can hit  “snooze” a couple more times and still leave the house early. I hate being late! Oh, and I need my flannel jammies and favorite blankie, “Nana”, for a guaranteed good night sleep. It usually takes some time for me to get up – but once I’m up, I’m ready to conquer the world!

6.30 AM: My morning rituals consist of brushing my teeth and chillin’ on the potty – while reading the latest news on the companies that I invest in. Monitoring your portfolio is a must, or so my broker told me.

6.50 AM: I do my own laundry every other day. Yes, people are very surprised to learn that about me. But, what can I say? The routine keeps me focused and motivated.

7.00 AM: I am a fast dresser, 5 minutes max. I do not have a “uniform”, per se, but comfort and style are equally important in my book. I also learn to “never say never” when it comes to fashion. Case in point? Bowties.

7.05 AM: My favorite breakfast is Cheerios – hold the milk. And a latte is a must. I get a cup delivered each morning along with my daily dose of The Wall Street Journal.

7.20 AM: I usually check my e-mail on my Android and make some phone calls if there are things I need to handle promptly before grabbing my keys and running out the door.

7:30 AM: I don’t listen to morning shows in the car. It’s all about my good ol’ favorite CDs that I alternate each week.

5.00 PM: The nice thing about the 9-to-5 environment? You could go home and do something else. In my case, it’s all about training the musician in me. I would sometimes play the guitar downtown to see how people react to my music. And, the responses have been wonderful so far!

Note from the editor: No human being was harmed during the production of this series. Starbucks cup was filled with fresh whole milk and the vehicle was safely parked the entire time :)