Light Up My Life

Lights, camera, action! Baby Gabriel Luca is a star in his own rights. Two weeks old and already he is aware and so comfortable giving us various poses with his hands and boldly staring into the lens. We were effortless in trying to capture the best poses. Everywhere we looked, he was there! Hmmm… we wonder if that type of gene runs in the family :)

People say that a name says a lot about a person. His parents chose Gabriel because of the deep meaning the name carries. Gabriel is derived from two Hebrew root words: Geber and El. Geber in itself means “a strong man”. Meanwhile, El means “of God”. So altogether, Gabriel means a strong man of God. But that’s not it. The name’s coolness factor gets amplified when the name Gabriel gets paired with Luca (think Luke Skywalker), which means “the bringer of light” – and hence a bunch of light bulbs portrayed in some of the pictures below. So in the end, Gabriel Luca is a strong man of God who brings light everywhere he goes. Neat stuff, eh?