Key to Happyness : The Gardens at Great Oaks Wedding

People say that laughter is an important key to happiness (especially in marriage). Not laughing at each other – although that could potentially lighten up certain situations – but rather with each other. Because, seriously, “why so serious”?

We’ve met lots of couples through our personal and professional lives. The ones that seem to be genuinely happy (and enjoying their wedding planning, because we all know that can be quite a trying time!) always know how to laugh at and with each other.

Katie and Lawton’s relationship seemed to fall under this special category. It was great to see them (along with their friends and families) just beaming with laughter and tears of happiness on their special day. Katie was an extra-glowing bride in her regal lace gown, surrounded by her beautiful girls in Tiffany blue dresses (with cute bow details!). Lawton was GQ-worthy in his slick tuxedo and funky red Ray-Ban. Even The Gardens at Great Oaks looked extra charming against the afternoon sunlight and chic “southern tea party”-themed decors.

Congratulations again, guys, on finding and keeping each other for life! Enjoy your marriage and remember to keep laughter alive in your home :)