Jumping the Broom | Villa Christina Wedding Photographer

We have done several weddings now at Villa Christina (here, here and here) and it never fails to amaze us every time. Even though it’s the same location, it’s finding that extra creativity, angles, and inspirations that always motivates us as we think outside the canvas. Most of the time (if not every single time), we find that the unique story of the couple is the driving force behind our work of art.

The story of Evalye & Nate is a living testimony of the phrase, “true love stands the test of time and distance.” The couple dated for quite a while and even lived in separate cities for a bit before they took a giant step and decided to tie the knot. You can tell that the spark is still so alive between them and family and friends gladly came from all around the country to celebrate their union in a big way. They danced the night away and it was certainly one of the funnest weddings we’ve ever covered!

One thing that touched our hearts is seeing how close and sweet they are with their parents. As portrayed in the father-daughter and mother-son dances, you could imagine the warmth and emotions going around the room. When Evalye’s dad gave his toast, the room roared in laughter as he “warned” Nate that his water bill is going to jump significantly come Monday morning (apparently his bride takes her time in the shower LOL). His was one of the funniest and most heartfelt speeches we’ve heard :)

Evalye & Nate, congratulations on the next chapter of your lives! We wish you a bright and sweet marriage!