In Full Bloom

Spring has sprung…and Jeany is in full bloom with her baby bump and radiant glow. Hady, too, has apparently caught the sweet “daddy-to-be” aura that we’ve certainly seen before (here and here)!

Jeany and Hady visited us all the way from beautiful Chicago (home to our crazy fun blizzard experience!) as part of their “babymoon” adventure. And somehow, someway, their arrival to Atlanta was greeted by perfect (and we mean, PERFECT) spring weather. Which, in Atlanta’s dictionary, means breezy – but not too breezy – and with very LOW pollen count. Those of you who live in Atlanta will understand just how rare of an occurrence this truly is!

We ended up giving Jeany and Hady a little taste of “Southern Utopia” when we took them all the way to Serenbe, a very charming sustainable community in Atlanta’s countryside. Unique. Serene. Organic. It was a perfect setting for the perfect day. Jeany and Hady, as you embark on this new journey, we hope these pictures will always help (the three of) you remember this precious season of your lives :)