heaven sent by {enmuse photography}

Oh yeah – we saw it coming with these two lovebirds. Since their e-session in Miami, we knew that their wedding day was going to be special. Yes, the venue was beautiful. The party was a lot of fun. And The Dress, which was custom-made, was absolutely spectacular (check out the ribbon detail!).

But our favorite part was the moments leading up to the “I do”s. Iwan’s vows came out of his mouth without a glitch and without any hesitation. He called Meri his “home” and you can see the pride in his eyes when he first called her his “wife”. Family and friends started to dab the corner of their eyes – but you can bet no one was as touched by it as Meri herself!

We had lots of fun capturing the union of these two – who are clearly meant to be together. Meri knew Iwan from her late mother, who absolutely adored him and thought they would make a good pair. She didn’t think Iwan was her “type” at the time, though,… but, as it turns out, mother does know best :) Years later Meri met Iwan again and the rest, as they say, is history.

While her mom a.k.a. “the matchmaker” was not able to physically attend, Meri believed that she was there in spirit. And we’re sure she must be ecstatic knowing that her daughter is happy and now married to such a wonderful man. Meri and Iwan, this is just the beginning of your beautiful forever… savor every moment and celebrate the gift of love!