Grateful | Hiltonhead Lifestyle Photographer

Everyone has a tendency to take things for granted that they often miss the good things that have happened and/or are happening in their lives. And it is more tempting to overlook the smaller things. So when a friend of ours reminded us to give thanks for all things, big and small, we were simply challenged to count our blessings.

Since our initial launch 2 years ago, God has tremendously blessed us in so many ways through ENMUSE, big and small. We’ve found new friendships through our clients. We’ve been invited to see the world by traveling with our clients for their photo session. We’ve learned that 40% chance of rain should not hinder creativity nor should it jeopardize our schedule for the day. We’ve learned how to practice good stewardship with our resources. We’ve learned from both our mistakes and success stories.

The celebration does not end there. Last year, we welcomed the newest addition to our extensive family, Kai. What a joy it has been! We celebrated how much our nephew has grown to be a smart and handsome one-year-old. He is now at the stage where he is able to climb the stairs all by himself. Soon he will be talking and running around the house. That ought to be fun (or not… depending on who is babysitting!)

This month, we are also celebrating our parents’ 40th wedding anniversary. That, I think, is an amazing achievement! It is the most real testimony of a love that stands the test of time. They’ve been through the ups and downs of the wheel of life. They’ve raised all 4 of us to be who and where we are. They’ve brought us here to The Promised Land for a better life. And we are ever grateful for them!

Last but not least, we want to use today’s blog post to also be grateful for the smaller and somewhat trivial things. We are grateful for the food we eat. We are grateful for the air we breathe. We are grateful for the chirping of birds. We are grateful for a walk on the beach. We are grateful for the sunrise, and sunset. As Matt Redman puts it, there are 10,000 other reasons that we can be grateful for.

That being said, what are you grateful for?