girls (who run the world)

We had the pleasure of capturing the love between the gorgeous Liyanto ladies recently. All of them are so beautiful inside-and-out and we quickly learned that they are also super hilarious! As expected, each has their own distinct personality, but when you combine them together you better watch out! These ladies sure know how to have fun and have a good laugh.

Their mom, Mimi, was a grade-school teacher and interestingly enough, her eldest daughter Yvone followed on her footsteps and is now a grade-school teacher herself! We had a great time listening to Yvone’s exciting (and funny) experiences dealing with her students. Apparently, she had won the Best Teacher award two years in a row and we were not at all surprised! Given the killer combination of her calm demeanor and awesome sense of humor, we would SO want to be her students, too!!!

The two youngest daughters Inne and Jessica paved the way as the first two Indonesian cheerleaders in Pensacola Christian College. What a cool accomplishments, ey? These two broke down some moves in between our shots and appeared to have even MORE energy as the night wears on! The whole shoot felt like a celebration of their love and reminded us of the song: “Girls (Who Run the World)” by Beyonce. When we asked their mom how it feels to have not one, not two, but THREE girls, she summed it up perfectly: “It’s crazy!” But of course, she wouldn’t have it any other way.