full house

When we first shared our dream of starting a photography business, the Jantono family graciously jumped at the chance of becoming ENMUSE’s first official family client. As expected, out of this experience came a few lessons learned which we’ll treasure forever…, for instance:

#1: Never assume that you can park somewhere unless someone or something clearly states that (a $200 lesson learned the hard way).

#2: While certain “funky” neighborhood works well for an engagement session, never EVER assume that it would also be suitable for a family session (the combo of dark-themed graffiti and random people dancing wildly on the streets are not necessarily “artsy” for girls under 10!)

However, thankfully and most importantly, we succeeded in capturing the very “enmusing” chemistry amongst this young family. Thanks Ko Asong and Ci Yenny for trusting us and for laughing WITH us, not AT us! We love you guys :)