Find it in Everything : Atlanta Fall Colors Engagement Session

The air was crisp, the sky was clear and the golden sun was at its most beautiful. It was indeed one fine Autumn day when we did Sophia and Charles’ engagement session. We just celebrated their wedding last night and the excitement hasn’t worn off yet! As they embark on this new journey as a married couple, we wanted to mark the occasion by sharing this simply beautiful session.

Typically, we like to go a little crazy with engagement sessions – incorporating specific themes, multiple outfits, at least two locations, props, etc. However, Sophia and Charles opted for a simple session at Piedmont Park. Surprisingly, it was truly a breath of fresh air for our creative minds. Without the usual fanfare, we allowed enough space for things to fall into place naturally and inspiration to come from unlikely places.

For instance, just like any other Atlanta-based photographers, we have shot in Piedmont Park multiple times. That day, we were able to explore it from a truly new angle (which we thought were impossible!) – and find new excitement and fresh perspectives. Also, as if by magic, we found heart-shaped leaves on the yellowing trees at Piedmont Park. It was so bizzare and absolutely gorgeous! It also reminded us of Drew Barrymore’s new book called “Find it in Everything” in which she shares photographs she has taken of heart-shaped objects and patterns she has come across by happy accidents. Some are obvious (heart-shaped clouds) and others barely discernible (a scallion in a bowl of miso soup), but regardless it was a really good reminder about the joy (and importance!) of finding beauty and love in the everyday.