Finally! | Berry College Engagement Photographer

We adore high school sweethearts. It has got to be so wonderful to be given the chance to spend teenage, young adult and adult life together with the love of your life.

Well, Candice and Ryle are one of those lucky couples :) They have been together *almost* literally most of their lives, and STILL they are excited to spend the rest of their lives together. So excited, in fact, that they wrote “Finally!” on a little black board while jumping up and down with joy while holding the sign up! It’s true what people say: forever is never enough when you’re sharing it with that one true love <3

Their engagement session took place in Berry College, a private college about 1.5 hours away from Atlanta. This place absolutely took our breaths away with its serenity and elegant chapels. Birds were making formations and flying down low on the grounds while bambis literally crossed the streets like nobody’s business. We owe it all to Candice and Ryle for introducing us to this whimsical place and for inviting us to be a part of their spectacular love story (and also their wedding coming up on October 13th!).

Anyway, the following images are so sweet they may evoke a bit of jealousy. So please consider yourselves warned :)

Teenage Dream | Foxhall Wedding Photographer | Atlanta Wedding Photographer | ENMUSE Photography11.22.12 - 11.39 PM

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