East Meets West : Hawaii Wedding Photography

Hawaii is a very unique representation of “east meets west”. From the minute we landed on the island, it was quite apparent that the Asian influence is quite strong in the 50th state. We saw at least ten Japanese tourist buses every hour and ladies walking down the streets of Waikiki donning umbrellas under the bright sun (because tanning is generally considered un-cool for Asian girls!).

More importantly, it is well reflected in Hawaiian’s “fusion” food – which certainly fits our taste :) Many of their staple items are undoubtedly Japanese and Korean-influenced…but always with a simple western twist. Example? The spam musubi (sushi with none-other-than SPAM!) and the traditional L&L barbecue (2 scoops of rice, Korean BBQ and…a serving of macaroni salad).

We were invited to the Aloha State to shoot the wedding of Winn and Farani: Winn is an all-American guy. Farani hails all the way from Indonesia. They met during one fateful trivia night in Seattle, followed by a sweet 4-hour first date the next day.

It was a beautiful and intimate wedding, attended only by their closest friends and families who came from literally all around the globe. The ceremony was ocean front, tastefully decorated by simple orchid leis and crystals hanging from the trees. Farani walked down the aisle, escorted by her dad while being serenaded by ukulele. Winn’s mom officiated the wedding, while occasionally dabbing her eyes which were misty with happy tears! It truly was a treat to see the two families from opposite sides of the world coming together into one.

For Winn and Farani: thanks for having us in Hawaii for your most special day. It truly was an honor and we hope these photos will always bring warmth into your hearts :)