Charm and Sensibility | Lake Lanier Wedding Photography

Meet Ursula, the sensible lady from the South who fell madly in love with Shomari, the charming lad from Chicago. When Ursula shared that “Southern Sensibility meets Windy City Charm” is the theme of their wedding, we were so excited to see how she would translate their story into the important details of her biggest day.

As it turns out, their story was told vividly and beautifully throughout the wedding day with the help of the fabulous Janel Elise Events. In lieu of a traditional wedding guest book, Ursula got his-and-hers rocking chairs for all the guests to sign (since their first date started with a vivid conversation on the front porch rocking chairs at Cracker Barrel in Nashville!). Elegant 5-course dinner was served along with comforting Southern-style Mac and Cheese bar and fun Windy City signature Gino’s East deep-dish pizza  and Garrett’s Chicago mix popcorn (flown in all the way from Chicago!). The wedding cake was an impressive replica (reflective glass windows and all!) of The Westin Peachtree Plaza, a cylindrical-shaped skyscraper that is one of Atlanta’s most famous landmark.

As photographers, we adore weddings with tons of beautifully executed details that mean the world to the bride and groom. But we know we hit the jackpot with Ursula and Shomari because there were just so many magical moments to capture throughout the day in addition to the fun details. From their private vow exchange (witnessed only by the bridal party) to the intimate circular ceremony setting where they were literally surrounded by all the guests to the release of light-up balloons as a special ode to family members who have gone before them. Theirs was certainly a wedding that we will never forget!