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Afternoon Stroll : Roswell Mill Engagement Photo

This time around we felt like we were in Tuscany when Tori & Mike were strolling along the pathway to the waterfall

Find it in Everything : Atlanta Fall Colors Engagement Session

The air was crisp, the sky was clear and the golden sun was at its most beautiful. It was indeed one fine Autumn day

Sparks Fly : Biltmore Engagement Photography

Gil has been a friend (and, at some point, even a roommate!) for many years for the two of us. We went through the ups

Unspeakable Joy : Midtown Engagement Photography

The first time we laid eyes on Judith and Tommy was on the dance floor of Nehal and Dhruv’s wedding. As we began

Love in the City | Atlanta Skyview Ferris Wheel Engagement

The Peach City recently had a new facelift: The Skyview. The ferris wheel was installed a few weeks ago and now stands

Summertime | Cotton Mill Engagement Session

Summertime in Atlanta is usually not so friendly, scorching heat and humidity and all. This year, however, is somewhat

Mr. & Ms. Happy | Virginia Highlands Engagement

We were there in the beginning when rumor has it that our friend Monica is seeing somebody all the way from Texas (we

My Heart’s Melody | Midtown Engagement Photography

One of the gazillion reasons why we love our job is the opportunity to meet new people. That enjoyment is reflected in

Live Love Laugh | Athens Engagement Photography

The number one thing we always ask our clients when consulting for their engagement session is, “what story do you

You Are My Starshine pt.2 | Houston Engagement Session

After a very satisfactory first day in Austin, we got to experience Houston in its glory for the first time with Anthony

You Are My Starshine pt.1 | Austin Engagement Session

We are always humbled and excited each time our client friends refer us to their friends, especially when it comes to

Rocketeer | Atlanta Engagement Photographer

Let us begin by saying that this session holds a special place in our hearts :) Because, just like us, Maria and Sonny

Crazy in Love | Atlanta Engagement Session

What happens when you have 300 IKEA chairs and a couple who are crazy in love? You get one out-of-this-world engagement

Hole in One | Athens Engagement Photographer

One of the most rewarding joys we have as photographers is the opportunity to re-tell a couple’s love story using

Finally! | Berry College Engagement Photographer

We adore high school sweethearts. It has got to be so wonderful to be given the chance to spend teenage, young adult and