Boy Meets World : Atlanta Newborn Photography

World, say hello to Baby Griffin!

We were beyond blessed to have the opportunity to photograph baby Griffin over Memorial Day in this charming B&B in Roswell, GA. His eyes sparkled and he smized (smiling with his eyes – a Tyra Banks trademarked modeling technique that apparently came naturally to him!) right at the camera. He might be tiny, but boy he sure is charming, curious and so fully aware of everything that went on.

Believe it or not, just a few years ago, we also had the honor of photographing Griffin’s mommy and daddy’s wedding – also in Roswell, GA. That morning, everything came full cycle and we realized (yet another) new blessing that comes with this photography “passion project” of ours: which is the chance to grow along with some of our clients and continue to walk with them as they celebrate important milestones beyond their wedding day.

We love you Amy, Rory, and Baby Griffin!