better together

There’s something so special, so elegantly timeless about tying the knot inside a large, old church. And St. Peter’s Cathedral (or “Katedral Santo Petrus”) in Bandung, Indonesia is no exception. The stained-glass windows. The high, high ceiling. “The Word” – splashed all over the inside walls. It’s no wonder that Ronny and Evi chose this as their ceremony venue.

Speaking of “elegance”, check out the bride’s sophisticated selection of accessories and wear: The Bolero! The Vintage-y Veil! The Magnificent Dress (with fabulous flower detail)! And finally… the va-va-va-voom reception HEADPIECE!

Man oh man…, the girl’s got serious style. As for the groom…? One of the handsomest I’ve seen (and NOT just because he’s my lovely cousin)! ;)  Thanks Ko Ronny and Ci Evi for having us “enmuse” your special day!