Adventures : Sope Creek Engagement Photo

…and the ENMUSE award for the Most Adventurous Couple goes to (drumroll)… Sarita and Neil! Equipped with their love for nature and adventurous souls, we set off on a journey one Monday morning (at 6 AM… one of our earliest call times yet!) to shoot their engagement session in beautiful Sope Creek – which happens to be their favorite hiking trails in Atlanta.

What started as a relaxing photoshoot in the Chattahoochee River turned into a heart-thumping session in the ruins when Sarita and Neil insisted on scaling the ruins’ walls, which some parts have only several inches of surface to step on. You see, we are not your typical daredevils, so seeing them scaling the (not so reliable) ruin walls 10 feet above ground was… terrifying. Ha! They also didn’t mind getting down and dirty, taking off their precious white Chucks to soak into the middle of the river to cool off (while we clicked away). The result was nothing short of SPECTACULAR.

Let’s just say we have done many sessions in this unique ruins and this one has the best (and most varied) angles compared to the rest. In fact, it has become one of our favorite engagement sessions – ever!

Sarita and Neil – we absolutely love your adventurous souls and the way your eyes lit up when looking at each other. Never stop having fun with each other – and we can’t wait for your next adventure to start in August!