Adore You : Roswell Southern Wedding Photography

I love lying next to you
I could do this for eternity
You and me – we’re meant to be
In holy matrimony
God knew exactly what he was doing
When he led me to you.

Miley Cyrus, Adore You

We shoot about 3,000 photos each wedding… but there’s always that ONE photo that feels extra special to us. This very first photo is one of them. It was right after the bridal portraits and Tori looked RADIANT as she picked up her dress and walked back into the estate preparing for the most important moment of her life. Later, she told us via e-mail that she was feeling quite nervous when she got to the venue… but the few minutes spent outside during the bridal portraits really comforted her. “Your calmness really transferred onto me,” she said. “Thank you for all the direction you provided that day and the feeling of comfort you gave us.”

A little over 6 years ago, we started ENMUSE as a “side hustle” (eventually to save up for our own wedding). But everything changed the minute we experienced the magic of weddings – realizing that it is a celebration of finding the ONE amongst SEVEN BILLION people on Planet Earth; the beginning of the ONE thing in life that is supposed to last FOREVER. We can’t help but get excited and invested and fired up. Especially knowing that we have the golden opportunity to contribute in small ways to make the day even more special and comfortable for the Bride and Groom. And the fact that our photos will most likely be passed down from one generation to the next. Little did we know, this small thing we stumbled upon when we were dating has made our hearts SING and inspired us in ways we could never imagined. Little did we know, that we have found our PASSION.