2014 : Year-In-Review

2014 has been another colorful year for ENMUSE (both literally and figuratively!).

Here are 14 things we are most grateful for:

1. Getting immersed in other cultures through photographing more eclectic weddings.

z032a_1346_ArmandNadia_ENMUSE z023_0563-Royal-Oaks-Houston-Wedding-Photography-by-ENMUSE z022_0569-Royal-Oaks-Houston-Wedding-Photography-by-ENMUSE 156_1503-Atlanta-Indian-Wedding-Photography 144-3117-Marriott-Marquis-Atlanta-Wedding-Photography 059-Ashton-Gardens-Saint-Mary-Coptic-Orthodox-Wedding-Photography-0400 028_0124-Atlanta-Indian-Wedding-Photography 05-UGA-Athens-Wedding-Photography-ENMUSE-00421 01a-UGA-Athens-Wedding-Photography-ENMUSE-2286  2. A beautiful destination wedding in Vieques Island, Puerto Rico that ended up being a weeklong hiatus/second honeymoon in the midst of our busiest season yet. (not to mention giving us our first-ever, heart-stopping ride to-and-from the island on a tiny, 8-passenger airplane!)

001-W-Vieques-Puerto-Rico-Wedding-Photography-San-Juan-0963 065-W-Vieques-Puerto-Rico-Wedding-Photography-San-Juan-0677 110-W-Vieques-Puerto-Rico-Wedding-Photography-San-Juan-2410

3. Lazy Sundays (especially after hectic Saturday weddings!).

17-Washington-DC-Engagement-Photo-by-ENMUSE-0783 16-Washington-DC-Engagement-Photo-by-ENMUSE-0350  4. Word-of-mouth referrals.

5. Wifi feature on our camera so we can Instagram instantly. #thisisnow


6. The First Look.

34-Roswell-Wedding-Photography-0593118a-3432-Marriott-Marquis-Atlanta-Wedding-Photography 040-Sonoma-Napa-Valley-Winery-Wedding-Photography-0156  7. Engagement sessions that allowed us to explore new destinations… while also renewing our appreciation for places in our very own backyard.

01-Mad-Men-Inspired-Engagement-0127-copy 06-Georgia-Aquarium-Wedding-Photography-480 08-Strawberry-Farm-Engagement-Session-0581 11-Strawberry-Farm-Engagement-Session-0166 31-Washington-DC-Engagement-Photo-by-ENMUSE-0227 37_z0295_SophiaCharles_Engaged 37-Washington-DC-Engagement-Photo-by-ENMUSE-0198 38-Mad-Men-Inspired-Engagement-0557 39-Strawberry-Farm-Engagement-Session-0432 z57_0593-Fishing-Lake-Canoe-Engagement-Photo-by-ENMUSE 8. Google Calendar… and Ms. Siri who keep us both organized.

9. Father/daughter, mother/son dances.

66-UGA-Athens-Wedding-Photography-ENMUSE-166862-Peachtree-Club-Wedding-Photography-by-ENMUSE-05731 084-Ashton-Gardens-Saint-Mary-Coptic-Orthodox-Wedding-Photography-1632  10. Returning to beautiful Sonoma County after leaving our hearts there in 2012.

056-Sonoma-Napa-Valley-Winery-Wedding-Photography-0702 092-Sonoma-Napa-Valley-Winery-Wedding-Photography-0884 093a-Sonoma-Napa-Valley-Winery-Wedding-Photography-1643  11. New trend of capping a wedding night off with local comfort food treats like Chick-fil-A sandwiches or The Varsity food truck which satisfy post-partying hunger while also introducing local fares to out-of-towners. What a brilliant idea!

120-Mason-Murer-Wedding-Photography-0932 123-Mason-Murer-Wedding-Photography-0914 12. Starbucks: Our go-to client meeting destination. Mainly because there’s one at pretty much every stop light, free Wi-Fi…and their Green Tea Soy Lattes (no syrup).

13. The fact that each Wedding Vow still gives us chills no matter how many times (and versions) we have heard.

14. Seeing our past clients experience marriages that are even more beautiful than their weddings – and their weddings were already so Pinterest-worthy! ;)

Most of all, we are humbled to be trusted by our clients to bring to life that once-in-a-lifetime, “pinnacle” moment that they will show and retell to their children and grandchildren (and their grandchildren will hopefully pass on to their own children and grandchildren). We are very aware of how important this “job” is and for that reason we thank God – our Ultimate Muse.

And, of course, thank YOU dear clients, friends, and visitors for continuing to check in and enjoy our work. We love you all and may 2015 be a year full of love, peace, joy… and even more blissful marriages!!!

Avina Darmadjaja01.05.15 - 11.27 PM

So many things to be thankful for… but here are our top 14… with #14 as my personal favorite :)