Some Kind of Wonderful : Mason Murer Fine Art Museum Wedding Photography

Andrea and Drew’s wedding day was nothing short of wonderful – from their first-look at the Japanese Garden of the

The Mr., The Mrs., and Boss : Roswell Engagement Photography

Woof there! My name is Boss Padfoot Hale. My wonderful owners, or as I like to call persons, have an interesting story

Unspeakable Joy : Midtown Engagement Photography

The first time we laid eyes on Judith and Tommy was on the dance floor of Nehal and Dhruv’s wedding. As we began

Eat, Pray, Love pt.2 : Marriott Marquis Wedding Photography

Dear our forefathers (or whoever started the 1-day wedding tradition), we have one very important question to ask you:

Beloved : Sonoma Wedding Photography

“We love because He first loved us…” – 1 John 4:19 One major reason that draws us to the

Eat, Pray, Love pt.1 : Indian Wedding Photography

When it comes down to it, weddings can truly be summed up in three simple words: Eat. Pray. Love. Nehal and Dhruv’

A Q Ü A : Georgia Aquarium Engagement Photography

It was not our first time at Atlanta’s very own Georgia Aquarium, but it certainly felt like it. For Carrie and CJ

Timeless: Seattle Lavender Farm Wedding Photography

When your parents own a lavender farm, it is a no brainer to have your wedding in their backyard. In Michelle and Matt

Love is Art : Mason Murer Wedding Photography

We all have heard the term, “opposites attract.” I am not talking about electricity or magnetism, but people who